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Religious freedom has been stripped from Americans through the Religious Uniformity Act. Kricket Foster is a second-generation fighter in the Religious Resistance, a radical group of activists organized to restore this freedom. After a brush with the law, Kricket gives up activism to protect her young daughter.

Kricket makes her living bootlegging and bringing medications into the US. Other than paying off or shooting the occasional extortionist Department of Religious Affairs agent, she lives a quiet life. Her vow to stay out of the Resistance is challenged when she finds herself embroiled in a plot to murder the DRA Director. She must choose between her family and her beliefs while maintaining her commitment to her community. If she makes the wrong choice, she will lose her freedom and many of her friends will lose their lives.

“Owing no small debt to this novel’s timely dystopian backdrop, contemporary readers are sure to connect with Kricket Foster as a ‘woke’ warrior woman worthy of cherishing and championing.” KRISTOPHER ZGORSKI, founder of BOLO Books and 2018 MWA Raven Award Recipient

“In this scary, wonderfully imaginative novel, Penni Jones has created a frightening, all too believable Orwellian America where books are banned, sexual intolerance reigns, churches are merely fronts for alcohol distribution, and the country is ruled by an all-powerful, iron-fisted DRA (Department of Religious Affairs). In Kricket, she has created a heroic young single mother who, along with her compatriots wages war against the establishment.” CHARLES SALZBERG, journalist, acclaimed writing instructor, and author of the Henry Swann Mystery Series, Devil in the Hole, and Second Story Man

“In Kricket, Penni Jones creates a dystopian version of the country that rivals The Hunger Games. When the government takes away the right to religious freedom, access to life saving drugs, and the legality of choosing who to love, Kricket quietly becomes a gun wielding, shady-agent-killing badass, out to protect her fellow citizens. But when Kricket stumbles into a surprise discovery about her own past, she’s forced to dive deeper into a political power structure she’d rather avoid completely. A relentless journey of discovery that will leave you wanting more.” LIBBY KIRSCH, Emmy Award winning journalist and author of the Stella Reynolds Mystery Series

“Set in a dystopia future where religious fundamentalists have taken over the country, Kricket is a badass bootlegger and drug runner determined to go against society and her own father to acquire needed prescription drugs that are no longer available in a world where women are required to wear skirts and religious intolerance is the law. In Kricket, author Penni Jones has created a relatable, yet flawed, heroine whose sheer determination is no match for guns, an authoritarian regime, and double agents.” CHERYL L. REED, author of the thriller, Poison Girls

“TAKE ME TO CHURCH—because that’s the only place to get a stiff drink or three in Penni Jones’ America, a fever dream of a police state in which everything from alcohol to medicine to homosexuality has been banned. Enter KRICKET, a single momma/bootlegger/drug-runner on a mission for the resistance, and you have a heroine who reads like she just stepped out of a Bobbie Gentry ballad, co-written by Margaret Atwood.” LAURA ELLEN SCOTT, author of The Juliet and the New Royal Mystery Series


“In her rambunctious debut, Penni Jones has created a one-of-a-kind character –a horny and heartfelt heroine itching to reclaim her life in a world gone mad.  This is original, breezy, and compelling storytelling.” MARK HASKELL SMITH, author of  MoistDeliciousSaltyBaked, and Raw: A Love Story

“Penni Jones is a genius. Her voice is completely unique and inspiring. Read this book and tuck it in your heart.” ARIEL GORE, award-winning author of Atlas of the Human HeartThe Mother Trip, and The Traveling Death and Resurrection Show

“On the Bricks is a fun twist on the just out of prison subgenre and Penni Jones has a bright future writing characters with dark ones.” JEDIDIAH AYRES, author of Peckerwood

“I liked the story but didn’t care for the language.” MY MOM

“Not the ‘feel good’ novel of the year, but well-written, gritty, and with fascinating characters that will nonetheless draw you into their seedy lives. On the Bricks is an excellent debut effort from Ms. Jones and one I highly recommend. ” NEIL A. WHITE for Readers’ Favorite

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