But We Did See Your Boobs

The only reason the Academy Awards boss people (who are those people anyway? Captain Stubing , Benson, and Harvey Weinstein? That’s my guess.)  hired Seth MacFarlane is because they wanted some degree of controversy. I’m a feminist, and I did not find the We Saw Your Boobs song offensive. Here’s why: we did see all their boobs. And the song was funny. And people like boobs.

It wasn’t offensive or rude. It was about boobs.

Lena Dunham has spoken out via twitter. Really Lena Dunham? You show your boobs every five minutes. I like you, but let’s not get self-righteous about boobs or offensive comedy. That’s why I like you. You’re not afraid to say offensive things or show your boobs even though they’re not surgically enhanced.

Jane Fonda is offended because MacFarlane should have sang about penises instead. She said something like why not list all the places where people have shown their penises. Really Jane, I don’t think that would have made a good song.  But look, Barbarella. Your indignation is dually noted.

The list of commentators and celebrities who are jumping on the pouting bandwagon grows daily. Gloria Allred has added her name to the list just in case a lawsuit comes about I guess, and there have been articles all over the place about misogyny and women’s roles in Hollywood.

It’s just boobs, people. Get over it. Boobs.

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