Single Dads are Parents, Too

The following was written by my friend David. We were besties in junior high until I moved to a different town and we lost contact. We have reconnected thanks to the wonders of social media. David is a single dad to a beautiful little boy. This is his well-deserved rant, which I hope he turns into larger body of work.

I’m sharing it here because it gave me awareness of something I had never considered, and I hope it does the same for you.

You know. No offense to women/mothers but it irritates me sometimes that I never hear or see anything about single dads and how difficult it can be. It is always all about the single mom. You know at least women most always have a diaper changing station in the bathroom!?! I cannot tell you how many times I was out and about needing to change Parker’s diaper and had to make do with whatever and hear “honey where’s your wife? She will have to change him”. Like a man cannot change a diaper? And on that note do anything without a woman.

I have been looking at clothes before to buy for Parker and the clerk no joke said condescendingly “shouldn’t you check with mommy?” I was already hangry at that point (angry cause hungry mood) and I replied “I am daddy and mommy but thank you for sticking your extremely large nose into what is none of your business. Don’t you have something to fold?!?” Parker and I went to the food court and ate immediately. I then walked back into the store and apologized to the clerk.

But that does not negate the fact of the statement she made, or the commonly perceived notion that men are inept and incapable of raising a child on their own.

A single dad does everything a single mom does.

Okay, I will step down off of my soap box now.

Making eye contact with a naked chick

I walked into the gym dressing room a couple of days ago and there was a young woman standing there, full-on naked, as if to say “so, so, suck your toe, all the way to Mexico.” No towel draping, nothing. That part I’m kind of used to. Things like that happen in gym locker rooms. But the weird part is she stood there staring at me as I walked in, freaking daring me to make eye contact. When I finally did, she said, “hi”, as if I had moseyed into her office to discuss mortgage rates.

I walked past Mistress Buff to get to my locker, which was situated right beside a mirror. Lady Godiva put her shirt on, but remained bottomless, and waited. I’m not kidding. The next woman walked in, and She of the Proud Bush stood there, hands on hips, silently demanding the woman make eye contact, which she did, and then the fig leaf-less Eve said “hi”. It was uncomfortable to watch, and I couldn’t look away. But thanks to the mirror, I didn’t have to stare directly into the snatch.

I’ve been thinking about this for two days now. I’ve worked out many scenarios that would create a motivation to make naked eye contact. I could make sense of it maybe if it was an elderly woman who was declaring with her nudity, “Look at me! I am proud of this body that has lived a rich life.” Or maybe if she was surgically enhanced and wanted to get her money’s worth of admiration. But no, she was young and natural. And for the guys who read my blog (there’s at least one, I think), yes, her body was decent. But nothing that justified demanding attention from every female who walked in the room.

So the point is: I still don’t get it, and now you all know that I go to the gym without me posting it on Facebook.