What your favorite color says about you!

 Blue: You’re the fun out-doorsy type who’s suppressing murder-urges.

Pink: Time to grow up, princess. Grown women shouldn’t wear tutus. Especially when you’re premenopausal.

Yellow: You are the happiest of your friends. You ooze sunshine like freaking Mary Poppins and everyone hates you for it.

Orange: You have weird boobs. Everyone says so.

Black: Morticia Adams wore it well but you look more like Marilyn Manson without make-up. Yikes! Throw some color on and stop scaring young children.

White: You’re not fooling anyone, slut.

Chartreuse: You like to come off as quirky and unique, but really you just have bad taste.

Red: Way to be classy. Or a slut. It depends on how you wear it. (Your friends think you’re a slut.)

Purple: You’re either really young or really old. Either way you need help wiping.

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