My take on the Ashley Madison hack

I am not here to judge these folks. I firmly believe that what you judge today can land in your lap next week and I’m not up for that (looking at you, Josh Duggar). I’m only here to talk to you about anonymity.  

I know the site promised you that your information was safe. But so did Target, TJ Maxx, and a slew of other people whom I’ve willingly given my credit card numbers to, only for them to send me a letter informing me that I might want to get a new credit card and go ahead and destroy the one they have on file. 

It takes no more than 2 minutes to open a Hotmail account, or a Gmail account, or a Yahoo account. None of these require your true identity. So, to all of you asshats who used your work email accounts for a cheating site, WHAT WERE YOU THINKING? 

Also, prepaid credit cards are readily available and quite convenient. So, to all of you who used a credit card attached to your name and home address, WHAT WERE YOU THINKING? 

And to everyone who thinks this is a hilarious turn of karma, please consider that your medical records are online these days. As are your children’s medical records. The point is: any data breach is bad news. Today’s cheater could be tomorrow’s IBS that your friends didn’t know you have but now they do. 



One thought on “My take on the Ashley Madison hack

  1. Carolyn Collins August 22, 2015 / 10:27 pm

    Oh yea…..

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