Skirt & pants existential dilemma

I’ve made my feelings clear about skirt and pants combinations. But tonight I had to reframe my thinking.

I was flipping through Instagram when I saw an ad for something called the Sassiest Pants. And sweet honey nuts are they SASSY!


I seriously didn’t know how to feel. My clothing belief system was completely shaken. Because this skirt/pants combination is AHMAZING. Maybe because the pants portion is capri-length, and maybe because the skirt matches this length, it seemed like I should own this clothing item. It’s advertised as both stretchy AND wrinkle-resistant, two of my favorite things!

The other combinations I’ve seen are long pants/tiny skirt and long pants/long skirt. Those all suck. Maybe this was a continuation of my skort affection, just capri-length. Maybe I was overthinking it. But probably not because to be honest my mind was FREAKING BLOWN by the Sassiest Pants.

After searching my soul I realized that I could let go of my skirt/pants combination-aversion for these, the sassiest of all the pants. I can change and evolve just like fashion and just like pants. I enjoyed my brief moment of triumph before learning that the Sassiest Pants are on pre-order like a GD video game.  They’re not available until August, and even then not in my size.

I’ve learned a lot tonight, both about my clothing standards and the perils of clicking Instagram ads. Goodnight, my friends. May all your pants be sassy.