THE UNREPENTANT: a story of survival & revenge

Charlotte Reyes has been kidnapped, beaten, and raped repeatedly. And she’s only eighteen years old. Former soldier Mace Peterson happens upon Charlotte during her escape attempt, and in a split-second decision, he aids her escape and puts himself in the path of ruthless, evil men.

Charlotte quickly realizes that escaping isn’t enough. She’ll have to kill every man involved so he can’t harm more women. Mace doesn’t support her plan, especially when she puts his ex-wife in danger with her recklessness. But he’s in too deep to step away, and together they’ll get the revenge that Charlotte so desperately needs.

E.A. Aymar’s The Unrepentant is unflinchingly dark and brutal. Both main characters suffer from PTSD, and there’s no shortage of violence. But there are surprising moments of comic relief.

Aymar never shames or victim-blames Charlotte, and this simple fact makes this brutal story digestible. And when Charlotte begins her quest for revenge, the story remains tense but also becomes wickedly fun.

Girls and women are trafficked every single day. I hope more authors give them voices and stories that aren’t steeped in shame. Charlotte is a victim, but more than that she’s a survivor.